Lendico review

Lendico is a new innovative loan company in South Africa. Using Lendico will assist you getting finance from private investors and not through the red tape of the ordinary bank.

They provide finance or loans including the following: 

Business loans for new or expanding businesses

Debt consolidation loans

Study loans

Personal loans

Vehicle purchase


Medical assistance

Real estate



You need to complete an online application form which you will find by clicking on the banner below.  In the application you need to state your reason and amount of money you need or want to finance.   Lendico will be able to assist with loans up to R 200,000.  Once you completed your application you would receive an estimate or quotation with a interest rate per annum.   This is all free of charge and you will only carry costs once you accepted the loan or finance agreement.

The loan or finance will come from private investors that invest in Lendico.  Lendico administrate these funds on behalf of the investors.  Each investor decide for itself when and where he will invest his funds.  Investors have 14 days to decide to assist you with finance.  Through this period you will be able to track the progress online.All the best with your application.