LCT Blacklisted Loans Review

Allot of client are very excited about this company and we decided to do a LCT blacklisted loans review for you. LCT finance provide blacklisted loans,  personal loans as well as short term loans or payday loans to South African citizens. 

Having a bad credit record or even being blacklisted will not influence you looking for finance anymore. They offer a convenient online loan application ... with no bank queues !! Your online application can be tracked online a with a personalised tracking system. 

Now you can track the progress up to the stage of cash payout. We have found that LCT finance are very popular online and clients on our website gave positive feedback .... with allot of approvals.

Amounts available for cash payout is R 20,000 for period vary from 1 - 12 months.

Once your online application has been approved, which normally happen within 24 hours,  you will be paid out on the same day.

LCT will be the perfect choice if you need quick cash for unexpected expenses and when you need the cash before payday.

Once approved and the cash been paid to you,  do try to repay the loan as soon as possible to prevent the interest portion be too high.

Make sure to read all term and conditions thoroughly to know what documentation your signed.  Please insure that the monthly repayment do fit into your budget.  Always repay the credit provider on time to build a good trustworthy business relationship for future needs.