Getting a small loan 

Getting a small loan is one of the easiest things in South Africa.  There are almost too many credit providers to choose from. 

Sometimes you wait for some cash to come in or need to wait for payday to pay some urgent expenses. 

If you cannot wait for payday a small loan that you can repay at month end or over a few months could be your only other option.

All the main banks provide these loans ... but we all know the hassle and frustration to deal with them. 

Some of the companies you will find online have a quick online application for you to complete. 

Once that is done and approved you will have your cash with a few hours. 

We have done all the work for you and done some reviews about some of these companies.

You can click through the banner on the right or read through our reviews below ... and soon have cash in your bank account. 

All the best!!