Discovery credit card

The Discovery credit card can be a great way to earn cash backs or rewards if used correctly.  When you apply for the credit card you must also activate the vitality miles. 

When you swipe the card for any purchase you will earn vitality miles that can be used at the Vitality shop.   There is also a variety of partners that you will immediately receive a cash back to your credit card.  

The percentage will depend on your vitality, bronze, silver,  gold and diamond. Diamonds can only be reached when you reached gold status for 3 years.

Some of the vitality partners are listed below:

-  Virgin Active 

-  Sa-active

-  Polar

-  Curves

-  Clicks

-  Kulula

-  British airways

-  Europe car

-  Southern Spirit

-  Ster Kinekor

I use this card as a "tool" to receive rewards.  Please do not use it to get in debt with luxuries.  This is only an oversight of this product and our opinion.  Please contact a discovery consultant regarding the application.