Business loan

A business loan is not the easiest thing to get or secure whether it is for a exciting new business or an expanding business.  Banks do not easily want to provide business finance or loans.

 An overdraft might be easier but only if you have a proven business with a good track record with your bank.   We found a new innovative company that have private investors that will be interested in financing your business.  You can complete the application form and provide some information about your business.    The system will provide you with an estimated interest rate per annum that the loan or finance will cost you.

This exciting new company is called Lendico.  You can click on the banner below which will direct you to the application form to complete.  You will only be bind to the  finance once your accept the quotation of interest.

In the application make sure to state as much facts as possible about your new business.  State exactly why you need the capital as stated in the application.  Explain each expense in detail.  We wish you all the best with your application.