Apply on

We get regular requests about the process to apply on  This instant online  loan company made it real easy to apply for a small loan.

 Everything can be done online and you will get your approval within a few minutes.

The first step: 

Click the banner below to visit their website.  Use their online loan calculator to calculate the amount you need and the amount of days you need this for.  You will notice two slider on this online loan you will use to determine the amount and the other the period of the loan. 

Keep in mind that when you apply on that the initial amount that you will be able to get is R 2,500.   When you proved your repayment ability they will increase the loan amount up to R 8,000. 

The second step: 

After you used the online loan calculator you would need to use their online application that will take you 10 minutes at the most. 

The third step: 

After you completed the online application you  will receive a confirmation from ... to confirm that they received you loan application.   Once you are approved your cash will be paid over within 24 hours.  Keep in mind that you can apply on 24/7 from anywhere in South Africa.  All you need is an internet connection to complete the application.

Hope this article will assist you to successfully apply on