African Bank

African Bank provides Short term loans as well as long term personal loans with amount vary between R 1,000 to R 180,000,  depending on your need and the time period. Their short term personal loans.... for amounts between R 1,000 and R 10,000 available quickly. 

These type of advance will typically be for expenses that caught you by surprise and which you need to deal with today.These loans can be repaid within 3 to 12 months.

Their long term personal loans.... for amounts up to R 180,000 .... are repayable with easy term up to 84 months.   You may however choose to do earlier payments.

These loans can be used for improvement in your home or other bigger expenses. You could also use this personal loan to consolidate your current smaller debt. Please think twice before using personal loans to buy luxuries and lend responsible by making sure the loan amount will fit into your budget.

This African Bank personal loan review has been done by us on our views.  Feel free to visit their website.