ABSA Personal Loan 

How do you apply for a ABSA personal loan and what are the amounts available. Firstly the terms of repayment are from 12 up to 84 months and you will be able to apply for a personal loan up to R 150,000.

The process of application is very easy and quickly if you are a ABSA customer with internet banking.  You can apply online, while you are logged into you internet banking profile.  All you do is submit your requirements and you can get a real time approval online while you wait.  The approval and amount will depend on your credit score with the bank.  The credit score depend on how you handle your account with ABSA.

You can also look into getting a personal loan from Loan Finder SA.  The will be able to assist you by looking at various credit providers to get the loan you want.  We wish you all the best!