Loan Finder SA

Loan Finder SA do not provide finance ourselves but are able to assist you in finding the best finance for you. We provide information of credit providers in South Africa and the USA. We have been involved in the loan industry for the last 7 years,  and in the process build some good relationships with various credit providers and a lot of experience.

We have two goals in mind to assist you:

1:  to provide you with enough tools to make the correct choice of   credit provider and a wise decision whether you really need the loan.

2:  assist you in applying for credit,  on your behalf,  and prepare all paper work for a professional application.

In the current economy there are thousands of credit providers for various type of loans:

Micro loans of R 500 - R 8,000 (these loans are also called short term loans,  cash loans or pay day loans, Personal loans (up to +- R 150,000),  Home loans and further or second bonds etc.

When applying for a loan:

- Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the application

- Understand what surety and security will be applicable to the loan.

Do not loan more than you comfortably can repay within a period of time and per the agreement

- Ask the credit provider for it's registration with the National Credit Regulator.

Loan Finder SA will be able to assist you in finding the suitable finance and assist you in preparing the prescribed documentation for the various credit applications. Please complete the contact form in order for us to assist you.